Tips On Running To Lose Weight

Running is the most basic form of exercise. Running is one of the few forms of exercise that anyone can do regardless of fitness level. Running does not require a gym membership or any fancy equipment; all you need to do is lace up your running shoes and get out the door!


1. Stress reliever

Runners often report that running is the only way they can get away and clear their heads. Running is a great way to let out all your pent-up emotions without worrying about any consequences.

2. Promotes weight loss

Running burns a lot of calories, which helps you lose weight and maintain your weight loss after you stop running. It has been reported that if run five miles every day you can burn off that plate of pasta in no time!

3. Full body workout

Running doesn’t just work out the legs, it works out and tones every muscle group in the body, even your abs! Running is a full-body workout and burns calories all over. Not to mention running is also a low-impact exercise allowing people with injuries or recovering from knee surgery to get their cardio in without aggravating existing injuries.

How to start:

1. Find a running route that is challenging but doable.

2. Set goals for yourself.

3. Run with a friend, or run while watching TV or listening to music, use music to motivate you.

4. Keep a running log and track your mileage, you can download running apps on your phone or even have an app on your GPS watch that will record the time, distance, pace, and calories burned!

5. Run with a friend or join a running club or group. You’ll have someone to run with, support you when you don’t feel like running and someone to keep you motivated.


Running is a great activity and doesn’t take much time commitment. You will have so many benefits including a healthy weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, and maintaining a healthy diet.